International Women of Faith Fellowship (IWOFF) came into existence June 16, 2003 in Cotonou – Benin Republic. Within the few years of her existence, she has undertaken many viable projects, which are successful, and some notable ones are:

Charity visitations: As part of IWOFF humanitarian mandate, has visited three less privileged centers and they are: Foundation Regard D'Amour on the 20th May 2005, with gift items and food; SOS Calavi with gift items, educational materials and food items in March 2006 and Orphlelinat Exode at Pahou on the 31st January 2007 with clothing, food and educational materials.

Youth conference was organized and held by IWOFF for 3 days, from 17th - 19th May 2007 titled "YOUTHS ARE UNIQUE". Crusade and Church Planting in a village called ADJARRA ADOVIE – BENIN REPUBLIC, 27th July 2007.

IWOFF had 7 days training and seminar for Sunday School teachers and Children teachers from 12th – 16th May 2008, featured on "Leading Children to Christ". Teaching manual and resource materials were distributed. We conducted the same training in another town or city called BOHICON which lasted for 7 days as well from 19th – 23rd May 2008. In the evening we went out for mass evangelism in BOHICON, ABOMEY and CANA where they worship, snakes, trees, and various kinds of idols. The same year, we went back to CANA for 3 days Revival on 25th – 27th Sept 2008 and a church was planted. Tracts and Bibles were distributed in their local languages and also in French. Unfortunately, the church that took over the church planted in CANA closed down the church without our knowledge and refused to continue due to lack of finance. They were faced with financial difficulties, physical and spiritual challenges.

We are still praying and believing God for another Revival in CANA. We are looking for churches or ministries eager to take up churches planted in these areas. This will help in advancing the work of God. In March 10th – 6th June 2009, Prison and Hospital Visitation and Ministration. Clothing and tracts were given to the women in prison.

Organizing of Seminars: IWOFF has in her record of organizing successful seminar for women and leader training titled RUTH OF OUR TIME, YOU ARE HIGHLY FAVORED, WOMAN, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WOMAN TAKE YOUR PLACE, MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD etc which includes a three-day seminar and Revival.

We organized programs for children called FEED THE CHILDREN. This program brings children from the streets, market, and other children from different churches together to hear the Word of God and interact with each other. During this program, children are fed; they receive gifts, bibles, educational materials. The annual children program takes place 24th – 26th December every year which includes Father Christmas, carols, quiz, gift presentation and children choir. This has helped lots of street kids to find home, love and care. Also, has given an insight to wealthy kids to learn to love, care, share and appreciate God, their parents and what they have.

IWOFF helps youths to stay in school, to achieve their goals in life. Computer skills, time management, money management, and interactive skills are few areas of focus at IWOFF for the Youth. We mentor these youths to assume leadership roles in the workplace, school systems, and communities in which they will move into and live: by "Helping the youth of today's world become the brighter future of tomorrow."

Feeding of Homeless kids in Cotonou-Benin Republic.

Every single child deserves the chance to develop their full potentials. Imagine growing up not knowing what an education is, our children are being given a chance and you can help.

International Women of Faith Fellowship is committed to helping street children become fruitful disciples of Jesus, no matter how hard it may be or how long it may take.
They come with no spiritual training, no parental guidance, and many sinful and hurtful habits picked up on the streets. They need more than an average amount of prayer, perseverance, teaching and love. Children end up on the streets for many reasons. Some run away from abusive situations. Some street children are orphans of war, tribal fighting, and AIDS. Some were born on the streets to homeless single mothers. Some street kids are teenagers with various disabilities.

They are now responding to gospel and of good behavior.

Report on Evangelism to Bohicon and Cana

We went to a village called Bohicon for evangelism and to train Sunday school teachers and children teachers on how to lead children to Christ. We also visited Abomey and Cana where we were able to reach out to souls and tracts were shared both in French and local language (Fon).

There is a lot of work to be done here in Benin. When we asked one of the voodoo priest if he believes in God, he said yes but he communicates to Him through their idols. Here we got lots of information such as, when a woman delivers twins sacrifice will be done for the children to protect them from death and effigy made representing the twins. They worship trees, snakes and other images. There is a spirit called ZAPATA, which dwell in trees. This spirit is terrible and wicked. It kills anyone that offends him without mercy, the priest said.

They worship snakes (DAH) as well. Although he said the snake is not a physical one but spiritual. It gives children to women looking for the fruit of the womb and other blessing such as prosperity and future partners. They offer sacrifice to the spirits; such sacrifice goes with goat, chicken etc. For the sacrifice you must wear white dress, which signifies purity. They also offer sacrifices for the dead ones. Almost every family has the snake (DAH) temple where sacrifices are made.

The voodoo priest in Cana said that their gods called ALIBONO created the earth. They also worship ASANGANA. This is a very powerful spirit that gets angry and can kill easily. There are walls built with human blood, mixed with animal blood and other fetish materials. The remnants of these walls are still standing in Abomey and Cana.

There are too many idols and 65 percent of the population are idol worshipers. The country needs deliverance and freedom from the satanic captivity. This country needs prayers. In this country many children are given to the idol gods from birth. Such children came from parents that have no access to the Good News.

My hearts bleeds when I saw and heard unbelievable and unimaginable things. It occurs to me that we have not done enough for our Savior in terms of soul winning.

We are saved to serve and witness for the Master that we may be soul – winners for Christ's kingdom. There may be battles ahead with the powers of darkness but Christ is our victorious leader, He is with us. We have His word, His name, His blood and the anointing power of the Holy Spirit to do His work.

I want you to put Benin Republic into your program and prayers. As you are conducting crusades in other countries or villages, think about Benin. Please ask God to reveal to you about Benin and what He wants you to do in Benin. We are praying for revival and total change for people of Benin Republic.


The prison conditions here are bad. The hostels are often congested or overcrowded. For instance, a hostel meant for 150 inmates may have over 300 inmates. This overcrowding leads to poor sanitary conditions, infections, sickness or diseases. The prisoners are not given adequate medical treatment and people die anyhow in prisons.

Many prisoners don't have clothes and cannot attend church services in the prisons. Prison evangelists are forced to go to their hostels to preach to them. The spiritual and physical needs of the prisoners have to be met in order to give them hope. Apart from leading them to Christ, they need clothing, food, drugs and adequate medical treatment.

Many prison ministries; churches and evangelists are making concerted efforts to alleviate the problems of most prisoners. But these efforts are grossly inadequate as most of them lack the finances to make great impact in this area.

Prison inmates need our help and assistance. A soul saved or won for Christ in the prison may bring great joy in heaven. In lieu of this we are very much concerned with the welfare of women in prison and ex- prisoners. There is no 'After care unit' in this place. After serving their sentences for months or years as the case maybe in prison, when they come out they need to be rehabilitated. Some when they come out don't have anything to do and are rejected or ostracized by their families.

We are hoping to establish an 'After care unit' that can help to assist and rehabilitate some of the affected women in the society. 

In children ministry we organize seminar and training in churches teaching them how to bring children to Christ (Child Evangelism). Once in a year we organize program for children. This program brings together children from various denominations and children from the streets.

We also visit motherless babies' homes and homes for the handicaps with gift items. This is just to intimate you which some of our activities.