After many consultations with the Founder of IWOFF Pastor Edith, we were able to launch the ministry here in Kenya, Nakuru town. We looked for a place we could meet and share the vision of the fellowship and we got a place at Faith Restoration Church under the leadership of Rev. Judy Joram, who was very kind to allow us use the hall for free.

IWOFF – Kenya was launched in the town of Nakuru, Kenya on the 8TH October 2011.

The first meeting held, we were 22 people in number. We shared the vision with the members and it was accepted whole heartedly. 

After the launching, we took our time to select dedicated and serious members who are eager and willing to work for God with their time, money, efforts, talents and skills. By the grace of God we formed a committee that was able to see that the ministry is registered and the vision accomplished.  

Nakuru meetings have been going on very well with improved attendance regardless of the many challenges we have faced. In November 15, 2011 IWOFF Kenya made her first visit to Girls in probation center to share with them the word of God, and bless them with items like sanitary pads, toilet papers, panties, and tracts for the word of God.
We visited one of the orphanages in the slums of Kaptembwa and gave them foodstuffs and exercise books. These kids are so much in need of clothes, foodstuff and many other things. IWOFF -Kenya promised to go back but has not been able to do so due to financial constraint.

In the month of December we were able to share Christmas gifts with one widow who is a member of our fellowship and out of that gesture she's been so much encouraged and serving as an usher during our meetings. Once in a while we support her to pay her rent and foodstuff though its been minimal. Many women have been led to Christ through the preaching of the word. And one outstanding miracle for a lady called Seline who was not born again and had separated with the husband and had the burden of providing for children and she was jobless just selling liquid soap for a living. After coming to the meeting in December, she received the Lord as her savior, and encouraged her to continue with her walk with God. After two weeks she got a job earning enough money to provide for her, and in January she reconciled with her husband and they are now living happily.

In February 25th 2012, we launched IWOFF – Kisumu, in the city of Kisumu.  One lady who is also a widow called Monicah after our meeting on 25th on the 28th she received a miracle. The lady was jobless and had been struggling to pay school fees for the two children whom the husband left her with, on the 28th she was called by the administration of the school, and was told on arrival that they've seen the way she's been struggling and a couple had offered to sponsor her children. 
She was so overwhelmed with the miracle; she called me that night and shared the testimony.

We have been having activities every month and Kisumu meetings has been growing and many women are getting miracles, marriages being restored, things are happening to the glory of God.

We are launching IWOFF in Nairobi in November.