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The great commission (Evangelism) is an important aspect of Christianity that requires  the involvement of all believers in Christ. Opportunities exist for those who are looking for ways of getting involved in the work of God in this area.

  • Pray: Make a commitment to pray for the children and families of children and women who live in desperate circumstances and need to know the Lord.
  • Sponsorship for missionary outreach in rural areas and remote villages in Africa.
  • Donate items such as Food, Clothing, Shoes, for the less privileged and motherless babies homes etc.
  • Most of the villagers or rural dwellers are poor farmers living on Subsistence agriculture. They need clothing materials, foot wears and most often food materials.
  • We need  Bibles, Tracts and Bible resource materials for evangelism.
  • Computers  and books for Educational and Vocational training.
  • Bus: Transport facilities as most of the remote villages and rural areas are not easily assessable due to bad roads and rough terrains. Become IWOFF  partner.
  • Donations /  Financial Contributions
  • Be an Advocate: Share the needs with your church, community, family and friends.